Thursday, February 23, 2012

Submission 4- The Beach

     I've always wondered what it is about beaches that everybody loves. Why is it that whenever people picture there ideal vacation, many choose to picture it on the beach? 
      Perhaps it's because it offers a sense of adventure. For this picture, the adventure lies beyond the large boulders on the far side of the bay and pushing past into a great sea. The boats are just waiting patiently for someone to hop on and travel far away. Far away from the habits and routines of everyday life. Perhaps the beach is ideal because of the scenery. The soft white sand lays hot on the ground while the water  gleams a soft sea foam green. The big boulders shoot up from the ground and seem to touch the big blue sky. Perhaps beaches are a symbol of peace and relaxation and everything "bigger then life".  If beaches are really "bigger than life", it also offers some inspiration to those lacking it. There's something about looking out as far as possible but realizing that  the other side can't be seen that makes people question what they think they know. Or perhaps people love the beach because of the sun,because the sun makes people happy. Maybe it's because the sun brings color and joy and hope to people. As someone once said, "It's impossible not to smile when your world is full of color."
There is more to the beach then the sand, and the palm trees, and the ocean. There's happiness, and relaxing, and adventure. Everybody could use a break from reality every now and then, and where is a better place to do it then on the beach?

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