Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Live Every Day As If It Were Your Last"

        Have you ever seen somebody do something extravagant and promised yourself that one day, you would do the same? However, deep down, you know you probably won’t end  up doing it. Ask yourself, “Why not?” or “Why wait?”. As everyone knows, life is too short, so why wait to do the things you want to do the most? On in the article "101 Things To Consider For Your Bucket List", you can look through what others find to be the biggest excitements in life. There is everything from flying at kite to falling in love. 
        This articles emphasis on travel, the little things, and personal excellence (hence the name of the website) suggests that trying a few of these goals will bring you happiness. Visit a castle, climb a mountain, or go on a cruise, are just a few examples of goals the article suggests for the people who desire to travel. As for " the little things", fly a kite, knit a scarf, go on a picnic, make friends with a stranger, or learn a strategy game. These are all things you could do on a daily basis and would require minimal effort, but you might find that they are just as much fun as the extremes on the list. To boost yourself personally, they suggest that you make a difference in someones life, conquer your biggest fear, help someone in need, volunteer at a hospice, or even fall in love. These examples, infer that helping others will make you feel better personally as well.
        Life is too short to put off the things that interest you the most in life. If you procrastinate your whole life, then you will never have the chance to do all these extraordinary things. Think about what you want to do before you die, and make your own list. However, instead waiting years to do these things, go out and do them now.


  1. This was interesting to read! Good job!

  2. This is completely fantastic! Really expands my own thoughts about life. Awesome post. I love the picture too.