Monday, February 6, 2012

New Short List

Things to do in Fort Wayne- I've never been a huge fan of living in Fort Wayne (or Indiana for that matter). In fact, I think is one the most boring places I can think of living in. With that said, I am going to attempt to make Fort Fun sound somewhat interesting and I might even make you want to go to some of these tourist attractions (if you can even call it that)!

 Stumble Upon- I'm not going to lie: this website is addicting. You tell Stumble Upon your interests and the website finds all these other websites that have all your interests on them that you probably wouldn't find just using google. It might not sound much fun, but it really is an awesome website.

Enjoy The Little Things- Yes, I did in fact take this idea from my favorite movie, Zombieland. Maybe it is too much like my last submission about Bucket Lists, but I enjoy thinking positively and this is just one of those websites that makes me feel good and makes me excited to live another day of my amazing life.


  1. I've spent around 4 hours on stumble upon this week. It's the best thing ever. I found all three of my ideas for my short list on stumble upon.

  2. I love stumble upon! Actually, I just made my account last night, and every one of the links on my short list are from that site. It might be hard to write about the entire website though. Maybe pick a certain article or picture that you come across on the website.

  3. I love the stumble upon idea! I will definitely have to go home and try it!