Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reading Log- Week of 1/16/12

I read a lot this week. On Monday I read about 150 pages of the end of my first book, The Declaration. It was really good. It is the first book of 3 in the series, but I want to wait to read the other two so that the story lasts longer. Plus, it had a great ending and I don't want the other books to ruin the fantastic ending of the 1st book. Then, right after I finished that book, I started on a completely different book called Shipwrecked Summer by Carly Syms, and finished it. Since I read it on my kindle, I had to look up how many pages were in it, but the sources that I looked at didn't tell me the same number, so I read somewhere between 113 and 142 pages of that book. People say, " Don't judge a book by its cover," but in this case, I did. Literally. The cover is of the ocean and of the beach, and since its cold and gross outside here, I automatically decided that I was going to read and like this book. And I did. It was about this girl who wants to have the best summer ever, the summer before her freshman year of college. Everything seems to go wrong, and the book just tells her comical story. It was a quick read, but it was fun and worth it.  I’m not sure what my next book will be, but the librarians suggested The Spellmen Files, so I will probably check those out.

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