Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I read 152 pages of Matched by Allie Condie this week, instead of the Spellmen Files because I wanted a different type of book. Matched takes place in a world where your life is basically planned out by the government, including who you marry. It revolves around a girl named Cassia who goes to her meeting to find out who she is going to marry and they tell her that it's her best friend Xander, but then sees another person on the screen before him. Now, she is confused about who she is supposed to be with and who she loves. Everyone told me that this book was the next Hunger Games, so I tried to read it, but so far I'm not enjoying it that much. I found it to be kind of plain and boring, so I may stop and go to another book. I'm getting kind of sick of the fantasy books, so I might try something a little more realistic and fun.

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