Monday, January 9, 2012

Literacy Narrative

My earliest memory of reading is The Cat and The Hat. Dr. Seuss was my favorite author when I was little but I think it was because of the pictures in the book rather than the book itself. Then, as I got older, I really enjoyed reading Junie B. Jones and Imogine's Antlers. As I hit late Elementary school I really started to enjoy The Boxcar Children books. I convinced myself that someday I would be that adventurous but I have yet to do so. Although I read a few books in elementary school, I preferred to watch TV like most kids. Reading used to be like a punishment for me. The next type of books that I could remember reading was Twilight in 8th grade, and everything between the Boxcar children and Twilight is all a blur. I didn't start reading for fun until mid-middle School and I personally blame school because they would make us read extremely boring and what seemed like pointless books. And used to think that whenever I read books I would always have to fill out an awful outline and do a million worksheets. In middle school we were forced to read Iron and Silk, and I would say that this is the worst book I have ever read. Now I read for fun because it gives you a break from the real world and it's just fun to read. I wouldn't say that I prefer to read certain types of books. I try to be open-minded so I try a little bit of everything. My dad made me read a memoir a few years ago called The Glass Castle. I thought that it would be really boring but it turns out that it was really cool, so ever since then I try to keep an opened mind. My Mom and Dad used to be really big readers, so they probably influenced me the most to read.

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