Thursday, January 12, 2012

Close Reading-

Setting-  Looks like it is in an old barn or garage, In America
Expression- both smiling, look like typical Americans, look content
Attire- they look like they are wearing comfortable clothes, wearing clothes that suggest that its warm outside
Props- playing on a ping pong table, dog is jumping on table, american flag
Atmosphere-playful, layed back, Positive

In the picture of Dan Martensen and Shannan Click at home with their dog, their positive expressions, simple attire, positive atmosphere, and interesting props express a playful and simple lifestyle.  The garage that the picture could have been taken in, and the props in the room such as the ping pong table, the dog, and the American flag, suggest that they are typical Americans. Their expressions look content, and they look enthusiastic and amiable which implies that they are layed back and are in a positive and playful mood. Overall, they look cheerful and informal which creates a relaxed and optimistic atmosphere that is also welcoming to others.

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