Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dead Poets Society

In the opening scene of Dead Poets Society, the uptight and formal atmosphere and architecture of Wetlon Academy, reveals the students and professors expectations of each other to be as perfect as possible. The murals on the walls and the architecture of the building make it seem as though the Academy was proper enough to be in Europe although it is the US. As the students enter the main hall to join in celebration of the start of the year, a Scottish bagpipe is playing which also implies that they strive to be just like Europe. The burning candle is also a sign of " the light of knowledge" and what is expected of each of the boys from the academy. When they enter the main hall, the Principal or Head Professor (Dr. Nolan) is elevated in the front of the hall with a smirk on his face and the lighting is shown perfectly on him implying that he has power and and far too much pride. The boys proper posture such as how they keep there chins up, show that they want to show pride and prove to everyone that they are good enough to go the Welton Academy. They show what Wetlon Academy trains young men to show; Discipline, excellence, honor, and tradition. 

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