Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reading log #5

This week I did really awful on my goals. I tried to start Wish You Well and yet again I failed. I got through the 1st chapter and then I stopped. And I started ANOTHER book. I need to slow down and read one book at a time. The new book is called Shrinking Violet and I don't even think I will read the whole book because it is totally corny and kind of boring. I also did awful on my reading goals because I did not read every night. Instead I read like 3 times this week and just read a lot those nights. I have mostly been reading The Tale of Two Cities for school (but I  actually enjoy reading the book) but I also read more of Royally Crushed. I would like to say that this week I am going to do much better on my goals and read a lot every night of books that I want to read but I think that will probably not happen because I feel that this week my teachers are going to go all out on projects and tests and homework. With that said, I will still try my best to read.

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