Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Note #6

Smile Is A Sign Of......

A smile is a sign of love
A smile is a sign of care
A smile tells how much to others
You are important and also dear

A smile is a sign of cheer
A smile is a sign of trust
A smile shows how you can
Be happy even in hard crust

A smile is a sign of joy
A smile is a sign of hope
A smile teaches you how you can
Remove the clouds of mope

For nothing but only a smile
Takes away your pain and trial
And pick your trouble's pile
And let you smile, smile and smile.

by: Seema Chowdhury
Seema Chowdhury writes with a comforting yet extreme repetition of the phrase, "A smile is a sign of..."  which emphasizes what a smile is worth.  She forces each "smile" upon readers as though if she said it enough, each reader would smile too. She does this genuinely although in an abrupt manner. Chowdhury uses rhyming to help make the poem sound musical and it adds to the happy tune. The last line of each of the first three stanzas stand out the most because they don't start with " A smile is a sign of." This makes these lines seem more important and focuses in on the bolder meanings each has. Each show how smiles affect certain situations like removing "the clouds of mope" or being happy "even in hard crust".  The poem ends with, "And let you smile, smile, smile" showing the author's never ending optimism. 

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