Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Note #4
Baby Micah is a youtube sensation, or close to it. Micah laughs at just about anything from a book to a burp. But the best of all, is his video of when he helps rip up his fathers job rejection letter, which received more than 40 million hits. Micah laughs for at least a few minutes straight and he probably laughed even longer.  This baby is adorably innocent and hilarious. In between gasping for air, Micah finds unbelievable joy in watching his father rip the letter piece by piece. Although it is his dad's rejection letter, Micah seems to find just as much, if not more fun shredding the paper to bits. His excitement and amusement towards a simple activity is absolutely admirable.  His nonstop laughter and sheer joy is completely amusing. The sound of his airy and musical laugh is contagious and at the least, makes people smile. It's as harmonious and sweet-sounding as a soft song. The laugh of this baby is so heart warming and cheerful that it seems to light up the room.

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