Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Note #5

           1,003 Reasons to Smile by Elizabeth Dutton is one of those books that simply has what the title says: 1,003 reasons to smile. Most of the things the book lists are little things like finding some money in your pocket or holding a baby, but the best part of the book is the introduction. “When life is painful or even simply boring,” which seems to happen to everyone at some time or another, “we need to be reminded of the weird and the wonderful.” Just from the diction of the introduction, it is obvious that the rest of the book is written just a s straight forward and matter of fact as the introduction is. “The weird and the wonderful are what make us smile, and those smiles keep us going,” is as exact as her first statement. Because smiling infers happiness and happiness is what people live for. “Smiles are pretty much universal,” which implies that everyone can relate to it at sometime or another. The introduction passage is written in a relaxed and lighthearted tone that automatically draws people in. The book itself is as positive and uplifting as the title and introduction chapter says it will be. It state the simple truth, even if its somewhat embarrassing, like how it makes people smile to sing in their shower. It is lightly written as though someone was talking to you in person, and has just enough humor that it is endlessly interesting.

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